Tongyu is a First Tier Operator Base Station Antenna Manufacturer and Supplier.

Tongyu is now recognised as one of the World leaders in this field and has attained a very high standard of Quality, Innovation and Patents.

Tongyu has also attained Global recognition and approval from several OEMs, and many Tier 1 Operators Globally.

Tongyu’s main advantages include- almost 100% in house manufacture. Unique to Tongyu we manufacture almost all part of the Antenna which gives Tongyu unique advantages, Scope, Quality Control, and Control over Lead time.

Tongyu has a very unique Strategic location- In the South China are of the Pearl River Delta- Tongyu is closely located to local SEA Port, and make delivery Lead Times very short into Hong Kong and Out to Australia. Tongyu loses NO Time on Ground Transport in China.

Tongyu can uniquely Customise Products for our customers. Due to our full in House Design/ Production and Delivery we can easily accommodate specific requirements, even without the need for large Quantities. This allow Tongyu to develop the new SRET antenna specially for Telstra- in a very efficient time.

Tongyu is extremely Cost Competitive- and we are a Game Changer. Offering Unique Innovative Design all in House, with the Highest Quality and standard for most economical price.

Tongyu Australia is now recognised as one of the leading base Station Antenna supplier to all Australian main telecom operators, such as Telstra, Optus & VHA with the Highest Quality and standard products for most competitive price. TY Australia supplies base station antennas, combiners, TMA products. We have a fully functional Warehouse/Distribution and testing Facility in Australia that allows Tongyu full QC and Product control for our customers in Australia to provide support and service directly to customers.


Contact us

John Gallardo

[email protected]

Account manager- Australia 

PH: +61 2 8313 6888 


Stephanie Peng

[email protected]

Sales and Marketing - Australia

PH: +61 2 8313 6888 

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