Tongyu Communication attended the Expo Comm Wireless Japan 2018

On 04 Jun 2018 Tags news

The Expo Comm Wireless Japan 2018 was held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center from May 23rd to 25th. Japan is a relatively developed country in the information and communication industry around the world and Tongyu...

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Tongyu participated in India Communications Exhibition

On 03 May 2018 Tags news

The 26th India Communications Exhibition, held at the International Exhibition Center in New Delhi On March 7th, 2018, is the largest communication exhibition in South Asia....

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Tongyu attended the 2018 Mobile World Congress

On 03 May 2018 Tags news

Mobile World Congress, organized by the GSMA from February 28th to March 1st, has successfully held in Barcelona, Spain. The theme of this conference is "Creating a better future". It is reported that more than 107,000 visitors from 205 countries and...

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Tongyu new cluster antenna range

On 23 Nov 2016 Tags news

"Tongyu provides new fully integrated UBB 698-960 &1710-2690MHz Cluster antenna.


Features 3 x 6Port antennas full band and only...

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Tongyu become approved Telstra antenna supplier from 2016

On 07 Apr 2016 Tags news

After successful testing and Validation Tongyu was selected and approved as Base Station Antenna Supplier to Telstra.

Director Lee Gill spoke about this Great Milestone- “ We worked hard and believed Tongyu had some great innovative Design...

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